Cow Country.

I loved this sign the first time I saw it.

We were driving to the ranch to celebrate Dave's 60th birthday.
Larry & Becky Hoeft joined Clint & I for a road trip.
It was also my first trip to Nebraska.

I was pretty anxious, a little nervous, and wanting to make the right impression.

What I learned quickly,
was that people in this part of the world shoot it pretty straight.
They value honest people.
Hard work.
And they can put on one heck of a party!

One thing is for sure;
If the Fergie ladies are involved, you better be on the lookout for a good laugh!

As we head back out west to Oregon,
this sign still is one of my favorites.
I don't know why,
but it just seems like it sums this part of the world up.
While we lived just north in Cherry County,
(Clint grew up in Grant County)
the Sandhills will always be some of the best cow country in the world.


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