Headed West.

Well, I'll say this.

I wouldn't recommend packing for a move across the country in a snowstorm.

But then again, we can't control the weather.

Clint took off today for Oregon.

So if you see an aluminum livestock trailer headed down the highway with shrink wrap over the windows, be sure to wave!

I'll be on his heels here in about a week after I wrap some things up at work.

It's been tough to leave Nebraska, but even tougher to leave family.

But like Kristi said, it's not goodbye....it's {see you later}.

In June - and we're counting the days!

Thank goodness for Skype...I have a feeling we'll be doing a lot of it with these two!


  1. Looking so forward to June and learning about Skype.

  2. maybe you coming home will be reason to get internet :)

    Safe travels prayed for both of you ~


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