Mid State Spring Show

Thanks to all of you who were able to wade through my past few posts. While these past few weeks have been a bit rough, I promise that Debbie Downer is gone for awhile, and Party Sue is here to stay!

And party!

Ok, sorry to those of you who don't get the Party Sue joke. I don't think I fully understand it either. But I knew it'd make Lindsay laugh. Even more because I'm pretty sure I still don't have the 'terminology' down right. :)

Awhile back, Clint was asked to judge the Nebraska Mid State Spring Show, so last weekend after I had come home, we packed up our nephew and headed back to Kearney for the show.

Jace and I hung out and watched the show, while Clint judged.

And we got in some livestock judging practice too.

In Jace's county, they start 'em young. (Eight years old!)

I'm pretty sure the people sitting around us thought I was the lunatic mom that is ultra competitive and wants their child to win at all costs.

But I'm not....just a competitive aunt. ;)

And Jace was picking the right heifers.

Be proud mom & dad! And grandma & poppa!

The overall show was pretty good. They had about 100 calves entered (steers & heifers) and did showmanship. Nebraska lets kids start showing in 4-H at eight too, and I was really impressed with how good the younger kids were.

We had a fun day, got to visit with some old friends, and got to spend quality time with our nephew.

Clint even let Jace help him judge the peewee showmanship, but I was unaware and taking a nap in the pickup (someone had to drive home), so no pictures. Darn it all anyway - but I bet he was cute out there!

Success is reason enough!


  1. Oh I love your pictures! He's so lucky to have you two!


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