Clint came home with great news the other night....they're starting to work on our house!

A fresh coat of paint, new carpets in some spots and cleaned carpets in others, and a few items fixed....and we will be in business!

I can hardly wait until this weekend to go buy patio furniture! If I can find time.... :)

Ahem. Sorry - I've been a bit obsessed with finding an affordable patio set, and when I was at Costco last week with Lindsay, they had fabulous wrought iron chairs for $20 and benches for $40....and I've been so worried that they'll be sold out before I can get back up there with a pickup!

Anyway, I was over at the house last weekend, and snapped a few "before" shots...

They aren't painting the outside (it doesn't really need it) but I thought some of you might like to see it.


Mudroom looking into the kitchen


Living Room

Living room looking towards the kitchen

Bedroom getting new carpet


And I'll be sure to show you the "after" shots too!

One thing that won't change, is the great view we have out the living room window!
Love it!


  1. :) I Loved looking at your new home..and can't wait to see it all settled into by YOU! And, I just know that patio set is going to be waiting for you to come take it home too! Sweet blessings!

  2. Life with a view! Something we should all be so lucky and blessed to have!!

    Can't wait to see your home filled with love :)


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