Clint made it to Oregon safely, so this weekend all I had to do was run home to the ranch and wrap up a few loose ends. It was a full weekend!

Filled with laughter.
Filled with errands.
Filled with the crazy antics of our niece and nephew whose pockets were filled with {$20} to spend however they wanted.

Jacobi was itching to spend her money in the first store we walked into....which happened to be True Value. No matter, she found a candy bar to buy. :)

Filled with cleaning.
Filled with final packing.
Filled with visiting.
Filled with an early birthday party.
Filled with lunch at the Chinese buffet.
And most importantly, filled with love.

P.S. Happy Birthday today Mel!

You'd think that after a hectic weekend, my tank would be on empty.

But it's not. It's filled to the brim.

And the blessings keep pouring on in...

856. A finalized job offer for Clint!
857. And a house that comes with it.
858. Friends who are letting us stay with them under we find our place to land.
859. Being sung to on the way to Gordon.
860. A picnic lunch from the Covered Wagon.
861. An afternoon spent at the park.
862. Crafts and cleaning.
863. A {potential} place for Dave & Mel.
864. Getting to see Robbie & Kristi before I head to Oregon.
865. Experiencing the Alliance auction - such fun things for sale!
866. A revised offer.
867. Easter candy.
868. A gift certificate for a massage used - where have these been all of my life?!?
869. A few minutes on the phone.


  1. I had a ton of fun Sunday. Know how much we are going to miss you.

  2. Love you ... and am counting the hours!

  3. Praying warm memories of your time there will always make you smile..and praying you safely back to Oregon! Sweet blessings!


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