In Oregon!

We made it!

I crossed into Oregon late Thursday afternoon, after a fun (and slightly eventful) visit with Cara & Paisley that morning. ;)

It feels great to be back in the Pendleton area....and wouldn't you know it, the blessings just keep rolling in!

870. The Small Bed & Breakfast. Thanks Cara & Paisley for the visit!

871. Being greeted with smiles when I landed in Pendleton.

872. A weekend just spent catching up.

873. A sermon about purpose.

874. A birthday party for Terry.

875. Weekend breakfasts.

876. A great first day at the office!

877. A note from my sister on my first day in the office. And a visit too!

And a few other blessings that only can be found in Oregon....

878. No sales tax.

879. Cheap car registration.

880. A half hour drive home from work instead of four.

881. Getting to see our {new} house. When it gets fixed up, and we get moved in, I'll be sure to post pictures!

882. Safeway & Costco.

883. A full social calendar.

884. Getting to spend each night at {home} with my husband.

I hope each of you will be able to find the small blessings that fill your week too!


  1. ah Mack! One of my favorite pictures ever :)

    Welcome home ... I'm so glad you're here!


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