Better late than never.

I had grand plans of posting {my multitudes} on Monday.

And when Monday slipped away, I had grand plans of posting on Tuesday.

Well - it's Wednesday, and I'm not so sure how grand my plans were. ;)

But the blessings are {still!} abundantly flowing...

915. Catching up with co-workers in Baker.
916. Evenings of rest.
917. The silly zaniness that only Bunco can bring.
918. Getting to include Jamey in the craziness.

919. A ride to Gurdane from RJ.
920. Jolly Ranchers to chew. {No Copenhagen here - even if I was the only one who could say that!}
921. 87 heifers bred - with time left to go to Costco.
922. A beautiful morning drive.

923. Lunch with the guys at El Erradero.
924. Getting to visit with Paul.
925. A new Costco card.
926. Patio furniture.
927. Kittens.
928. A front flower bed weeded.

929. Dresses ordered & shipped.
930. A slip ordered.
931. Invitations drafted.
932. Plans talked about.
933. Phone calls made.
934. Progress.

935. A drive down Hwy 395.
936. Getting to see my sister.
937. More Jolly Ranchers.
938. A productive day spent at the 5W Ranch.
939. Catching up with Beau & Lee.
940. More heifers bred.
941. Dinner at RJ's diner in Burns.

942. A dog who's feeling and moving around better.
943. Friends who are still graciously letting us stay with them.
944. Two little boys who we just are enjoying to pieces.
945. A husband who tells me I'm beautiful.

"When thou has truly thanked the Lord for every blessing sent, But little time will then remain for murmur or lament”

~Hannah Moore


  1. My calculations come to $0.86/head and 1 Jolly Rancher/head...not a bad days work lol.

    The Clinton tells you you're beautiful because you are!

    Love you!

  2. you have a GREAT time wherever you go ... every single time :) an inspiration for sure!


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