Salt Lake....and a bit 'o randomness.

Clint & I had our Nebraska wedding reception last weekend, and decided that due to the amount of stuff we needed for it, that it'd be best if one of us drove. Since I had some vacation time at work, I did the driving, and Lindsay came along with me.

Tuesday after work, Lindsay and I met in Hermiston, packed the EQ, and headed out on our roadtrip.

Lindsay liked to note that while Clint & I had our 2nd annual wedding, this was her 2nd annual road trip to Nebraska. Last year she helped us move, and drove one of the pickup's and a trailer out to Nebraska with Clint. So that was her 1st annual trip, with Clint - and this year was her 2nd annual trip, with me. She thought maybe next year during the 3rd annual roadtrip, all three of us could go together at the same time. :)

Our first stop on our trip was at the Small Bed & Breakfast, also known as Wade & Cara's house, in American Falls. We got in a little late Tuesday night (2 am) to see them, but got to visit and see sweet little Paisley the next morning. (Thanks again Small's for letting us crash at the B&B! I don't know what we're going to do when you move to Nevada....maybe detour???)

After a short visit in the morning, we were back on the road and headed to Salt Lake, Utah.

Side note - Did you know that the rest area's in Utah have amazing views?

Because they do - really!

Then it was on to the Great Salt Lake -

The views were amazing. But just as I'd remembered it, the lake is a bit - well, gross. There's gnats all along the water's edge, and the water is murky and filled with floating "stuff". I don't even know what the "stuff" was, but we braved it and headed in.

The Great Salt Lake was - well, great!

And now for the randomness....

What started out as 'walking back to the camera after Lindsay took a picture of me in front of the lake'.....

Turned into this:

More pictures of the 2nd annual roadtrip to Nebraska to follow!


  1. Your last picture is great you look so so happy!

  2. i love these pictures ... all of them!! :) looks like a wonderful, memory-making trip for you and Linds ~

  3. See you like my photo shoots lol


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