Utah Copper Mine

After visiting the Great Salt Lake, we headed south to the Utah Copper Mine in Bingham.

If you haven't visited, words and pictures can't describe the enormity of the mine and the machinery that they use to mine the ore. It's something you have to see for yourself!

From a plaque at the visitor's center:

"In 1906, this was a mountain....the beginning of what is now the world's largest open pit mine....today the mine is 3/4 of a mile deep and stretches 2.5 miles from the widest points at the top of the pit....this man-made object can be seen by astronauts from outer space."

AND they produce enough copper annually to fulfill 1/4 of the USA's copper needs.

*It's hard to show the scale of the trucks they use to move the ore from the pit to the processing facility, but you can kind of see by us standing in front of the tires, and then in the first picture, that's a pickup truck driving by one of the ore movers. Those suckers cost $3.5 million a piece, and they have 80 running full shifts every day! That's a lot of pennies!


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