Fact #1.
I had never been camping - like pitch a tent, sleep outside, have to hike half a mile to a bathroom camping - before.
Now I have.
(Thanks Browning's for letting us hijack your tent!)

Fact #2.
The night we camped in Yellowstone was the same night that a bear attacked and killed another visitor. No worries - we weren't aware of it until after we left the park. The whole 'what you don't know can't hurt you' - right?

Fact #3.

Old Faithful blew just as we were walking in from the parking lot...there couldn't have been more perfect timing!

Fact #4.
Yellowstone is beautiful!
Just see for yourself....

Fact #5.
We saw a buffalo.
But we followed the flyer we were given, and were not gored by it. :)


  1. Glad you weren't gored. By the looks of the poster, it wouldn't be very pleasant. :-)

    Yellowstone looks so beautiful--I went when I was about 11, but don't remember it very well!


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