Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Building Fence.

The calves had been weaned from the cows, and the cows weren't happy.

And usually where there are unhappy cows, there's an unhappy fence.

So he gathered his nails, washers, hammer, chainsaw and new boards....and went to work.

In the {cooler} evening hours, armed with tools and an arm that struck with purpose....he took what was broken, and made it new.

The hammer found the sweet spot, and the nails drove deep.

Another piece finished. At least for this day.

Sometimes, it's a series of small things that lead to a big breakdown.

Other times, we're going along through the day just fine, and someone knocks us with a comment, and one of the nails holding together our confidence just can't stand the load and breaks.

But when we love on those around us....

those who are broken, and mis-shapen, and missing a few boards...

{And which of us isn't?}

We can help build back up the fences of our friends and families around us.

Sometimes it's a series of small taps, and gradually the nail sinks in.

Other times, it's a whammy of a compliment, or good deed that drives the nail into it's resting spot.

Building fence isn't always easy.

Loving those who are hard to love sometimes, isn't easy.

Being kind to the ones around us who are the most dependent on our daily love in our work and personal lives, isn't always easy.

I challenge you to ask yourself, as I ask myself...

Who will I hammer with love today?

What nails of gratitude can I drive into those around me?

Whose confid{f}ence can I help bring into line?

Let's pick up our hammer and nails, kindness and compliments, and go build some fence.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Let's Go Work.

I'd call our weekend up at Wallowa Lake/Joseph a vacation.

But can you call it a vacation if you're working?

Whatever you call it....
we had a great time last weekend with
Lon, Sheri, Jess & RJ pulling blood on a group of LGW cows.

LGW = Let's Go Work

So Let's Go Work some cows!

Such a great way to spend the weekend. You felt like you got something accomplished, but also the work was a lot of fun.

And like Lon says....
"You just have to do something every day. That's the key to staying young."

Pretty good advice Lon.

PS - Afterwards, we had lunch at Terminal Gravity in Enterprise, which is SO my favorite place to eat right now. Such yummy food and great beer! If you're in the area, you need to try it. Don't let the hippy atmostphere put you off....the food is worth it! :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Wallowa County.

We've been up to Wallowa Lake & Joseph twice now in the past month, and I can't get over how beautiful it is there!

The scenery is breath taking and I love driving by the old restored barns, and the patchwork of fields that make up the farms & ranches in the community.

As we drove around, I thought about how neat it'd be to live in the area.

But then....I thought about what it what it's like to live there in the winter...because in Wallowa County, the farmers have chains for their combines for a reason.

Winter starts early there and doesn't let up until May or June many years.

And then I remember why I'm happy to call Hermiston home! :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Charolais Calves.

We processed the Charolais calves on Wednesday,
and it was fun to see how much they've grown....

We like our cattle to be calm but sometimes when you're trying to get them to move {and they'd rather stand there and graze} that thought process backfires on you.

But after a little bit of noise, and a few passes on the Rhino, they headed to the barn so we could sort off the calves, load them up and take them to the squeeze chute.

"Where do you think you're going with our babies?"

"Who are you lookin' at?"

Before we moved back to Nebraska, Clint used to talk about how he wanted to convert his portable squeeze chute into a hydraulic chute.

Not ever having used a hydraulic chute, I thought there was probably a better use of money.

The ranch Clint works for now has multiple squeeze chutes in different locations - and can I just tell you, if you're thinking about a hyrdraulic chute, and have the funds to buy one - do it! They're so nice to have when you're working cattle.

And rarely do you have to pay the crew a six-pack because you missed one through the chute!

Just think about all of the money you'll save there. ;)

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Hey there -

My name is Leo.

But sometimes I get called "Leo-Ba-Deo" or "Lee Lee".

Crazy humans.

I'm a Border Collie puppy. And I like feet.

Specifically, toes. Toes are my life.

And when there aren't any bare feet around, I'm pretty good at finding a flip flop to chew on.

Flip flops are my other life.

Mason's Spiderman flip flops, Darcy's river flip flops, it doesn't matter.

I like them all.

I mean, is there a better chew toy than a flip flop?

I didn't think so.

When I'm not busy chewing on a flip flop, you can usually find me out in the field.

You might even call me a working dog.

I mean, Clint takes me to work every day.

That is, when he can find me. Sometimes in the morning, I like to wander down to the shop and see what's going on there.

I don't know why Clint or Darcy always show up in the pickup a little later on and make me go home.

There's good things happening down at the shop.

Anyway, usually after Clint brings me home, he'll let me go chase cattle with Austin and Katie.

But when my mom (Katie) gets yelled at for not listening, I usually just slink off and hide under something.

Then Clint comes and finds me, and has me load up into his pickup.

Except I'm no pickup bed dog.

I'm a front seat dog.

"Load up" means through a door.

Not over a tailgate.

And when Darcy takes my seat, I guess I'll sit in the back.

I'm a gentleman that way.

You might even call me, Mr. Leo.

And it's a good thing these people don't drive single cab pickups.

A note from Darcy:

It's hard to believe we've only had Leo for a little over a year.
Some days I have to remind myself that he's still a puppy.
And on other days, I have to remind myself to buy a new pair of flip flops.