The Charolais Calves.

We processed the Charolais calves on Wednesday,
and it was fun to see how much they've grown....

We like our cattle to be calm but sometimes when you're trying to get them to move {and they'd rather stand there and graze} that thought process backfires on you.

But after a little bit of noise, and a few passes on the Rhino, they headed to the barn so we could sort off the calves, load them up and take them to the squeeze chute.

"Where do you think you're going with our babies?"

"Who are you lookin' at?"

Before we moved back to Nebraska, Clint used to talk about how he wanted to convert his portable squeeze chute into a hydraulic chute.

Not ever having used a hydraulic chute, I thought there was probably a better use of money.

The ranch Clint works for now has multiple squeeze chutes in different locations - and can I just tell you, if you're thinking about a hyrdraulic chute, and have the funds to buy one - do it! They're so nice to have when you're working cattle.

And rarely do you have to pay the crew a six-pack because you missed one through the chute!

Just think about all of the money you'll save there. ;)


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