The Gorgeous Wedding

In college, we used to call him Jesse Gorgeous.

Because well, he was....
(and is - I can say that right?)
and because gorgeous was easier to spell then Warntjes ;)

I remember all of us roommates teasing him when he & Jason would come over to study with Becky & Katie for classes.

Oh the fun times we had at OSU in our little two bedroom apartment that slept us five girls!

The nickname stuck, and even our younger siblings who took classes from Jesse when he was an instructor at OSU called him Jesse Gorgeous.

Well, after this weekend there's now a Mrs. Gorgeous, and we couldn't be happier for the two of them.

It was wonderful meeting Anna, who was a beautiful bride.

Pretty fitting, if your new last name is Gorgeous.


Congratulations Jesse & Anna!

Love is Reason Enough.


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