Every year, farmers in our county work each day towards harvest.

Seeds get planted.

Soil is tested.

Fertilizer is applied.

Crop growth is monitored.

Machinery is serviced.

They invest time, money and care into a crop that they can't be certain will succeed.

Each year is a gamble. A roll of the dice.

Farmers can't control the weather.

They can't control the markets.

They're at the mercy of something bigger than themselves.

And yet still - still - they farm.


There's a lesson to be learned from the farmer.

The time we spend caring, nurturing and growing our own {crops} is worthwhile.

Droughts will happen. Markets will fall. Yields won't be as great as we anticipated.


But yet every year, no matter the hardships, summer rolls around.

And then in the months of summer - big or small - the crops are always harvested.

An entire year's worth of labor leads up to a week or two of bounty.

What {crop} are you working towards harvesting?

What is it that you are putting time and energy into?

Are you growing friendships?
Are you fertilizing your marriage with compliments?
Are you cultivating a business?
Are you tending to your children?
Are you testing who you are as an individual so that you can grow to be your best?


This year's harvest has been plentiful.

High yields = Happy farmers

And the time spent, is well spent.

I hope the same is true for you and your {harvest}.


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