Hey there -

My name is Leo.

But sometimes I get called "Leo-Ba-Deo" or "Lee Lee".

Crazy humans.

I'm a Border Collie puppy. And I like feet.

Specifically, toes. Toes are my life.

And when there aren't any bare feet around, I'm pretty good at finding a flip flop to chew on.

Flip flops are my other life.

Mason's Spiderman flip flops, Darcy's river flip flops, it doesn't matter.

I like them all.

I mean, is there a better chew toy than a flip flop?

I didn't think so.

When I'm not busy chewing on a flip flop, you can usually find me out in the field.

You might even call me a working dog.

I mean, Clint takes me to work every day.

That is, when he can find me. Sometimes in the morning, I like to wander down to the shop and see what's going on there.

I don't know why Clint or Darcy always show up in the pickup a little later on and make me go home.

There's good things happening down at the shop.

Anyway, usually after Clint brings me home, he'll let me go chase cattle with Austin and Katie.

But when my mom (Katie) gets yelled at for not listening, I usually just slink off and hide under something.

Then Clint comes and finds me, and has me load up into his pickup.

Except I'm no pickup bed dog.

I'm a front seat dog.

"Load up" means through a door.

Not over a tailgate.

And when Darcy takes my seat, I guess I'll sit in the back.

I'm a gentleman that way.

You might even call me, Mr. Leo.

And it's a good thing these people don't drive single cab pickups.

A note from Darcy:

It's hard to believe we've only had Leo for a little over a year.
Some days I have to remind myself that he's still a puppy.
And on other days, I have to remind myself to buy a new pair of flip flops.


  1. So good to see Leo. We have a puppy here there has a love of flip flops too!


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