Let's Go Work.

I'd call our weekend up at Wallowa Lake/Joseph a vacation.

But can you call it a vacation if you're working?

Whatever you call it....
we had a great time last weekend with
Lon, Sheri, Jess & RJ pulling blood on a group of LGW cows.

LGW = Let's Go Work

So Let's Go Work some cows!

Such a great way to spend the weekend. You felt like you got something accomplished, but also the work was a lot of fun.

And like Lon says....
"You just have to do something every day. That's the key to staying young."

Pretty good advice Lon.

PS - Afterwards, we had lunch at Terminal Gravity in Enterprise, which is SO my favorite place to eat right now. Such yummy food and great beer! If you're in the area, you need to try it. Don't let the hippy atmostphere put you off....the food is worth it! :)


  1. I Love all the great pictures you captured on your "working vacation" :) Pat said nice pictures but Powder River also has a nice hydraulic chute now :) ha,ha....Sweet blessings!


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