The Power Dog.

We have a pretty special dog in Austin.

Clint's had her since she was a puppy, and I remember many judging trips where she'd curl up under the first bench seat in the 12 passenger van and just ride quietly along for miles and miles as we drove across the country.

And when we'd get to a workout, she'd hop out of the van when Clint called her and stay right by his side. Working when asked, laying down and staying put when idle.

She doesn't ride in too many judging vans anymore, but if there's a car or pickup door open, and you can't find Austin anywhere, she's probably curled up on the floorboard ready for you to take her somewhere. Not on the seat though, because she knows better than that.

One of our neighbors was over the other day and was asking about our dogs as they were all around us playing in the lawn. She remarked that Austin must be just a puppy because of how small she was.

Well, that 'puppy' is 8 years old and the gray is starting to show in her face.

While she's older now and is more easily tired, she still loves to work.

I wonder how she does it sometimes....

To head off into acres of tall grass in search of cows, and not being able to the cows or us or over the grass. I mean, it has to be similar to the feeling I get when I head into a field of corn.

I'm not sure why I think about that, but I've been pondering it.
However she does it - she always gets the job done.

But no matter her age, or ability to work,
she'll always be our {Powers} and the power dog of the group.


  1. When powers gets too old she can come live with me. So anytime now :)

  2. We LOVE Powers - and I think Ian would ask for her to come live with us as well ~ :)

    Great pictures!


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