To the Badlands and back.

So I'm going to be real honest here:

I am WAY behind on my blogging/posting/picture taking.

Like almost a month behind - I was sorting through pictures today at lunch that were taken 7/9/11 and I haven't done anything with them.

But can I just tell you how much I've gotten done this month?

I've taken naps, and done yard work, and rearranged furniture, and cleaned my house.

Taken dogs to the vet, helped work cows, floated down the river a few times, and talked to friends and family on the phone.

And I've slept in a few mornings - hey, I said I was going to be honest.

And during this entire past month, I didn't have to plan a single wedding detail. Let me just tell you how much time that freed up!

(Althought the wedding was SO worth it - and Shannon dropped off our proof CD last week so we got to see ALL of our pictures - I'll post some of my favorites soon!!!)

So my goal this week is to wrap up the 'old' stuff, and start taking pictures of the new stuff!

Here goes nothing. :)


The last leg of our roadtrip before we headed to Nebraska for the reception was through South Dakota's finest:

Mount Rushmore and the Badlands

Mount Rushmore was just as grand as it was before, and our trip through the Badlands was picturesque.

Minus the bumpy roads. And the bad directions. And having to turn around a few times.

But other than that, after three days, six states and 2517 miles later - we made it to Hyannis.

And had a WONDERFUL reception with family and friends.

Pictures of that to's all about having goals, right?


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