We got tanked....again!

I think Kristi, my sister in law, puts it best:


"When we went to Oregon, our family took us to the zoo and to the beach...

You know, normal tourist attractions.

When our family comes to visit us in Nebraska, we take them tanking.

Because that's all there is."


And while there's really more to do in Nebraska than tank,

I can't think of many things that are more fun!

Clint & I along with Kristi and the kids had been tanking before,

but it was the first time for my mom, brother and sister -

For those of you who didn't read about when we went tanking last September, basically your groups gets in a steel livestock water tank, you load your coolers in and push off into the Middle Loup River, which is a slow, shallow, winding river in Western Nebraska. There are little metal benches that you sit on {and your life jacket makes a nice seat pad}, then you just float a few miles {which takes a few hours} and hop out at the end.

Good times!

- PS -
We tried to tank here in Oregon on the Umatilla River behind our house.
But the river was too low, and unlike the rivers in Nebraska, the river bottom was big rocks, instead of sand, so I think it's a no-go here.
But we can float down the Umatilla, so the next time anyone's in the area, we'd love to float with you!


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