1,000 and counting....

I woke each morning, and went about my daily routine.
Wake, prep, work, meetings, dinner, laundry, chores, dishes, bed.
Wake again and repeat.

I found myself wishing for the weekend.
Wishing for more {free} time in the evening.
Wishing for dinners to be made and laundry to be folded and already put away.
Wishing for more, more, more!

But what I needed wasn't more.
It was more from me that was needed.

I needed to show more patience.
I needed to show more love.
I needed to breathe slower and think kinder.
I needed to show more thanks.


Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone. ~G.B. Stern


And so as I work this week to be more positive, show more daily love, and take deeper breaths before thinking criticizing thoughts, I'm also working on proclaiming bolder, louder thanks.

992. Making salsa with Anna.
993. Fresh tomatoes to take home.
994. Halloween costumes from Goodwill.
995. Two sweet boys who were good all day long.
996. Junking with Lindsay. :)
997. Country Living.
998. Leftovers and PW on DVR.
999. Cool evening nights with the windows open.
1000. A husband who makes sure he doesn't leave the house without saying good bye first.
1001. A trip to Tillamook.
1002. Celebrating Becky & the anticipated arrival of Baby JD
1003. Getting to see college roommates & good friends from the dairy farming community.
1004. Rita's quiche.
1005. Holly's mad crafting skills.

1006. Seeing my mom and finding some good deals.
1007. My wonderful sister - who is a fabulous traveling partner!
1008. The Jetpack.
1009. Cheese curds from the Tillamook Cheese Factory.
1010. Dancing....of all varieties.
1011. "Classic".
1012. A huge crowd and well presented cattle.
1013. Funny t-shirts.

1014. Sweet Gunnar's 1st birthday!

1015. A hugely successful sale at Gohr Angus.

1016. Getting to see so many good friends.
1017. Beautiful scenery on the drive home.
1018. Safe travels back to Hermiston.

If you count all your assets, you always show a profit. ~Robert Quillen


  1. Dancing of all varieties is right! #1010.5 "That's how babies are made."

    Love reading your Monday posts. Love you too!

  2. Wow...u have been busy! C u at Bunko!

  3. Lindsay - LOL. I don't think I'll ever look at Kenny the same. ;)

    Jenny - I'm looking forward to it!

  4. :) you make me smile ... over and over again!!

    Love the list and photos ~ and my boys are still talking about their day with you!!


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