Let 'Er Buck!

2011 celebrated the 101st anniversary of the Pendleton Round Up.

Round Up is a full scale event for this small Eastern Oregon town. Over 50,000 people attend the rodeo, schools & businesses close down for the week, campers fill the school parking lots, Main Street fills with vendors, the bars are packed and cowboys on horses are often seen walking down the sidewalks.

It's a crazy week.

Hundreds of local volunteers work to make sure that each performance, parade and event is well executed and a shining example of how a small community can put on a big show.

I was able to catch the tail end of Friday's performance (thanks Lindsay for the ticket) and then Clint and I caught the majority of Saturday's performance. We were running late, and I forgot my camera in the car so the pictures below are either from Friday afternoon, or from my cell phone Saturday.

While I may not have gotten the pictures I wanted....the memories are there!

RJ & Terry entered into the Wild Cow Milking contest, and placed 2nd during their go on Wednesday. Lindsay had an extra ticket for me Friday, so after work I ran down and was able to snap a few pictures of their second go. While the cow won Friday, we still were cheering them on!

Let 'Er Buck!


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