A week of {much}.

May 4th.

It's the last time I listed my multitudes.

I figured it's time to get back on the bandwagon.

Because in a world that can be filled with people who complain about much....

I want to be a person who praises and is thankful for their {much}.

Will you join me?

946. A three day work week.

We like to joke in the office that Labor Day is the beginning of "the good times"....because between now and President's Day in February, there are 8 Federal Holidays....aka extra vacation days!

947. A {new} horse...well, at least new to Clint.

948. Gathering pairs in the early morning.

949. Getting to hang out with Mack.

950. A new Friday lunch tradition.

951. Homemade peach pie. (I followed the pie tutorial on PW's website....so easy and the pie came out wonderful - if I do say so myself.)

952. "Hiding" from Clint under the feedlot office counter.

953. Ranch humor.

As the last heifer came through the chute to be processed after weaning 1000+ calves last week...

Jack: "Heifer, we've been waiting for you all day!"

Dwayne: "All day?!? Heifer, we've been waiting for you ALL WEEK!"

954. A 4 year old who just wanted to go and dig some more.

955. {Driving} the Rhino.

956. Sargeant and the entertainment he provides for Leo.

957. New FSA shirts from AJ's.

958. Parades and our office's float.

959. Someone else to organize the float.

960. Sharing iced tea, cold beer & conversation with Lon, Jess & Jackson.

961. A date night dinner at The Local Place.

962. The first fall calf of 2011 welcomed into the world.

963. Her very aggressive mother....at least we didn't have to worry about her leaving the calf!

964. Shattered glasses replaced with a brand new set.

965. A relaxing Sunday afternoon spent with L2.

966. A shopping list checked off.

967. The beginning of the 101st Pendleton Round Up - Let 'er Buck!


  1. So much to be grateful for ..... love #954 on your list!


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