Vaccinating at the Murdock's

We woke up late last Sunday (if 6:30 can count as late) and after tagging calves and checking cows, we headed to the house to eat breakfast.

Ian called and said he was vaccinating his newly weaned calves, and would we be able to help?

Thinking he was short handed, we asked Lindsay, Jamey & Haley if they wanted to join us - they did, so we all loaded up and headed out.

Randy & Nolan were also there, and by lunch time all of the calves had been processed.

Many hands make light work....and make for fun times.


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  2. Your pictures really turned out great! Love them.

  3. Hey Darcy! Loving the pictures and the blog, keep them coming! I'm excited to see more people sharing their ranching stories online. Very fun to read!

  4. GREAT pictures ... truly ... you captured some of my favorite people in GREAT ways :)


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