Westward Ho!

There are two parades during the Pendleton Round Up. The first is the Dress Up parade, and is always the Saturday before Round Up begins. (That is the parade we had our USDA float in.)

The second parade is the Westward Ho! parade, and this year was my first year watching it. Can I just say this....IT IS AMAZING!

All of the entries are either horseback or are people in wagons and carts that are pulled by teams of horses, oxen or mules. It's a reflection of what it was like when the West was settled, and is a beautiful tradition here in Pendleton.

We had an {office staff meeting} during the parade, and wouldn't you know it....these pictures showed up on my camera....imagine that! ;)

Last year was the 100th Anniversary of the Round Up, so they began the parade with 100 riders on horseback, each carrying an American flag. It was SO popular, that they carried on the tradition, and it was how the parade began. God Bless America!

Pendleton Round Up Queen MacKenzie Beard

The Happy Canyon Princesses

The Happy Canyon Directors

The Pendleton Mounted Band
They play their instruments while they ride - pretty fun!

All of the entries were just amazing, and we all enjoyed ourselves so much.

Err....I mean, it was a very productive staff meeeting!

Let 'Er Buck!


  1. Maybe I'll suggest for our staff meeting to be there next year ~ :)

  2. I think your staff meeting included "outreach" because I see some people from Farm Credit there!


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