What matters.

I love the Pendleton Round Up and all that the 2nd week in September brings.

While some people choose to get out of town and avoid the craziness, we were {crazy} enough to stay and partake in most of it. Happy Canyon each night, the parades and Round Up performances are the best way to spend the second full week in September if you ask me.

And while the flowers didn't get watered regularly, my laundry basket overflowed and my floors didn't get swept until Sunday, it didn't matter.

Friends and good times mattered. And we were filled with both.

I'll put up more pictures this week, but here are some of our {multitudes} from our week of Round Up.

968.Hard work.
969. CRP contracts signed in all the right places.
970. Feeling caught up at work.
971. The color orange & Beaver spirit.
972. Leather Oregon State tag ties.
973. Parades, people and pictures.
974. Being just a little bit rebellious.
975. Kerri, Haley, Jamey & Lindsay visiting.
976. Migas for breakfast.
977. Funny puppy dogs who always know where to find a spot to cool off.

978. A cow who found the right gate, and a horse that gave me a safe ride.
979. Steers sorted & paper plates for sorting paddles.
980. Letting 'Er Buck at the Pendleton Round Up.

981. Getting to see friends succeed.
982. Catching up with friends not often seen.
983. Laughing during Happy Canyon skits.
984. A 7th grader who has the maturity & bravery of an adult.

985. The show going on.
986. A morning spent at the Murdock's.

987. A {delicious} lunch prepared without much notice - thanks again Lindsay!
988. Cows who calved without problems.

989. Ear tags with easily read numbers.
990. PW on DVR.
991. Seeing the bottom of my laundry baskets.


  1. What a great picture of the two of you.

    Isn't the bottom of a laundry basket just so so awesome!

  2. LOVE these pictures - looks like a blessed week indeed :)

    And I want to be able to add PW on DVR to my list :)

    Love you ~


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