Fall at Double M.

New baby calves hitting the ground.

Spring calves getting their first meal from a bunk at the feedlot.

Wide open views of the meadows and mountains.

Cool mornings and even crisper evenings felt as we head to the pastures to check pairs.

Leaves changing colors right along with the grass.

Mornings spent getting ready for work while listening to freshly weaned calves bawl across the freeway as the feed truck heads their way.

They're all signs of fall here at the ranch my husband works for.

And while a lot of work comes along with the fall months for him, I just feel blessed that we get to live the life we do....and enjoy the experiences that come along with it.


  1. a beautiful life indeed ... blessed, full and always adventurous! :)

  2. you make us all want to come visit again!


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