Falling for Fall.

So I looked up from my {life} and realized that October is almost over.

Umm, hello? September, I missed you. Where did you go?

And October - well, I guess we're having a short term relationship too...and for that, I'm sorry.

And really, it's too bad. Because I think Fall is my favorite time of year.


I love being able to wear long sleeves to work and not having to worry about sweating.

I love using the seat heaters in my car.

I love having cornstalks and cat willows and a scarecrow tied to our front gate.

I love fall colors.

I love college football. (Although I'm not loving how the Beavers are playing this year, but I know they can pull out the stops this weekend against WSU. Go Beavs!)

I love breaking out my fall scents - if you're a Scentsy fan, I'm loving Spiced Orange Harvest right now. Although that's kind of a tease, since it's a discontinued bar....sorry! But their Honey Pear Cider is a great fall scent too!

I love watching weaned calves grow and change.

And I love pulling the covers up at night and curling up with my husband.


So I'm curious....What's your favorite thing about Fall?


One person who leaves a comment on this post gets their own "Spiced Orange Harvest" Scentsy bar.

I loved it so much when I bought it in July during their "Bring Back my Bar" promotion, I turned around and ordered more so I'd have a stock pile. I promise - it won't dissapoint!

I'll choose a random winner Monday - and get your Scentsy bar to you so you can enjoy before Fall dissapears!


  1. I was going to write you before I read about your contest to tell you I LOVE the Scentsy Autumn Sunset. I've never smelled the one you're talking about, but I bet it's good. Fall scents are the best!

  2. I will have to try that one, I'm a sucker for fall-is scents....even when it's not fall! :)

  3. Nichole says her favorite thing about fall is football games at Darcy's! Spiced cider, a warm fire, pumpkin pie, cool crisp mornings and bundling up!

  4. JR Tackle football is one of my favorites about fall. Plus fall soup suppers before high school football.

  5. The silence of crisp air in the morning, standing amoungst the transitional tree colors, and the clean and refreshing taste of altitude in my lungs while hunting during in fall.


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