To be thankful, in spite of it all.

Our family was thrown a curve ball last week.

One I'd like to throw right back, but am starting realizing that that won't be possible.

And so I'm working on adjusting - is that possible?

I've wanted to write down my thoughts, but nothing I've written, or re-written seems to be adequate.

And I don't even know if this post is what I want to write, but like a friend who's been going through the same thing told me this week...."Try to feel everything. It'll be difficult, but it's a step."

And so in the midst of all that's been happening, I'm trying to feel out the blessings. And wandering and hoping that it's OK to focus on them, instead of the other thoughts that wrestle in my mind....

My multitudes from September 26-29, 2011
Cool evenings and mornings that were welcomed in a light jacket.
Morning sunrises.
The tinkle of ice that joined my morning iced coffee.
Laughter and the decompressing that Bunco brings.
Seeing little Royce and his funny antics.
Leftover peach pie.

And those from September 29 - today....
A phone call and voicemail. Even though it was hard to make.
A sister who went with me.
All those blank white boxes on the calender.
Nurses and doctors who care and guide.
Co-workers who visited.
Friends who cared.
Tests and scans that helped make decisions.
Getting a chance to say "I love you".
And having more days ahead to repeat it.


  1. I love you ... so very much ~ and L2 too :)

    Praying you through this ~

  2. Sending thoughts and prayers your way...


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