A chance to change.

Well - it's Monday. And when I got to work and was asked "How was your weekend?", all I could say was...

"It was a weekend."

Exageration on the "a".

So today I've been asking myself....

Was my attitude positive this weekend?
Did I try to see the best in my spouse first?
Did I think about others before myself?
Did I ask to help others and really mean it?
Was I thankful for all I received this weekend?
Was I as patient as I could have been?

I'd like to say that I could answer 'yes' to all of the above.

But I'll be real....I can't.

I'm human.
The people in my life are human.
And when you throw livestock into the mix....well, so much for having a plan.

We all get frustrated.
We all get cranky.
We all get sick.
We all get tired.
We all get discouraged.

But the beauty is....we're all forgiven.

"Listen. You have not been sprinkled with forgiveness....or spattered with grace...you have been immersed in it....you are a minnow in the ocean of his mercy. Let it change you!" - A Love Worth Giving

And in most cases, we get another chance to change.

We get another day to wake upon on the right side of the bed.
A day to be rested and well.
A day to see the best in others.
Another day to see the many blessings that immerse us.

Because some day....we won't have another day.

So it's up to us to make the days like {today} - count.

And if you look at it that way - we're beyond blessed.

1042. Cousins, an aunt and a grandma who called to check in.

1043. A dad who was able to get back to work for a bit this week.

1044. A sister who cleared her schedule for Thursday.

1045. A beautiful week of weather.

1046. A calf who finally stood up on day 3.

1047. A husband who has a truckload of patience.

1048. A husband who puts up with me when I lack the aforementioned truckloads.

1049. To do lists marked off.

1050. Pictures hung, dishes done and laundry baskets emptied.

1051. Getting to hang out with Lindsay and Nichole over dinner, beer margarita's and the OSU vs WSU game.

1052. A ten minute nap....that turned into an hour nap.

1053. A sister who woke me up and let me know the Beaver's had won.

1054. Go Beavs!

1055. Getting to sleep in.

1056. A day of rest for Clint...kind of.

1057. NyQuil, Tylenol PM and Coricidan.

1058. A weekend free of calving problems.

1059. A full fridge and easy dinners to put together.

1060. Phone conversations with friends.

1061. A full week at work...but I'm so thankful for the job I have.

1062. A new day to be a newer (and better) person, wife and friend.


  1. Wishing you a GREAT new week and so smiling at your list of blessings! May this week bring even more Sweet blessings!

  2. cheering you on and walking beside you - thanks for being you!!


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