Winner winner, orange spiced harvest dinner.

Congratulations Lindsay!

Your comment "cows coming home :)" wins you the Orange Spiced Harvest Scensty bar!

Now for my secret....
when I first had generate a number....
it generated the number 2.

And that was a comment I had left responding to Sarah.

So I had it generate another number.
Because unlike Bunco, the hostess doesn't get to win her own prize.
(But all bets are off this Thursday when I host Bunco at my house!)

There - I'm glad I got that off my chest!


By the way, one of the gals I work with is placing a Scentsy order this week. Sarah's recommended Autumn Sunset, but I'm going to buy 3 bars so I get a better price - because I'm cheap like that.

So - any other recommendations?

And thanks to everyone who commented!
- Here's to a great Fall 2011 -


  1. HOORAY!!

    I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE the picture ... is it a prize a BUNCO?? :)

    Love you ~

  2. I'm totally digging the Autumn Sunset right now! You won't be disappointed!


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