Well, a lot of great things happened last week.

A lot of great things happen to each of us...every week. It's just up to us to find them and give thanks for them.

1091. I made it through my first week of reduced Diet Pepsi intake with minimal Advil.

I know some of you are shaking your head - but DP has been my one vice in life. However I'm kind of getting the hang of only having one in the morning.

1092. I had my 1st annual 29th birthday.

That's right - I'll be having my 2nd annual next year. Who needs 30 when they can be 29 forever? ;)

1093. We enjoyed a wonderful {fancy} steak dinner with the Murdock family. Complete with paper airplanes and door prizes.

And the blessings kept raining down....even if it was snowing here. :)

1094. Pizza and competitive games of Sequence.

1095. Watching the kids have a blast in the hot tub. Thanks Anna for planning Friday night!

1096. 4 happy kiddos.

1097. Throwing peanut shells on the floor at Texas Roadhouse.

1098. A wonderful birthday dinner with Clint, Lindsay, Jamey, Anna & Terry.

1099. Debating with Terry on the drive home....we usually never agree, but it never turns into an argument.

1100. Flowers from L1, L2 and Jamey. (And they even coordinated!)

1101. Skiffs of snow in the hills.

1102. Helping friends haul cows to cornstalks.

1103. Beautiful views.

1104. Birthday cards and wishes.

1105. Weighing the Charolais calves, and seeing good gains.

1106. A text from Shannon saying our CD of final wedding pictures was in Hermiston.

1107. Breakfast burritos from Western Express.

1108. An evening of rest.


  1. Grinning from ear to ear!! Thanks for loving my boys, thanks for coming to dinner, thanks for being born ... the list goes on and on!!


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