Ready to ride.

Usually when Clint asks me if I want to ride, I decline.

(My track record with horses isn't exactly the greatest.)

So I think Clint was pretty happy when Mason came to our house this weekend with spurs in hand, ready to ride.

Mack was a good sport too....

But only as long as Mason was in the saddle with him.

A glove puppet helped bring out a smile though...

Thanks Ian & Lindsay for letting the boys stay with us this weekend!


  1. I'm sure they appreciated you too...that's so great!

  2. :) LOVE YOU!! and I LOVE these pictures ... thank you ... over and over and over again!!

  3. Oh Darcy, You and Clint are wonderful friends and great aunt and uncle! Your love of these two little guys is always apparent. They are blessed to have them in your life....thanks so much for these photos! Mimz

  4. Yay! They are so blessed to have you in their lives. We all are.

  5. What a special memory to look back on ...... you two rock!! Maybe this is the beginning of a love for horses, at least for Mason :-)
    Thanks for being such a blessing to our sweet Echo family!


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