Saturday, December 31, 2011

Worthy for the New Year.

2011 was quite the year for us.

After trying to make all of the pieces fall into the right places in Nebraska, and not having it work out, we decided the best place for us was back in Oregon. So we packed up, moved back across the country, started new jobs, moved into a new house, and settled back in to a routine.

Oh - and we had our 1st anniversary....which looked a lot like a wedding. ;)


Lots of other great things happened in 2011 too:

In January we helped with National Western judging contest in Denver and went on the Sandhills Cattlemen's Tour .

February brought the
Nebraska Cattlemen's Classic judging contest and a trip back to Oregon to celebrate Beau & Allison's wedding .

In March, Clint judged the
Mid Nebraska Spring Show (with the help of his nephew Jace), and we began the moving process.

April was a 50/50 month. Clint headed back to Oregon, while I stayed a few weeks to finish up at work and celebrate Mel's birthday before I headed West. We made it to a few brandings too.

May took us to Madras, and I was spoiled by a beautiful
wedding shower.

June was a big month - the 102nd PI show and a
small anniversary party. ;)

In July we celebrated the
4th in Ukiah with the Murdock & Jensen families and made a trip to Nebraska to
celebrate our wedding with family & friends there.

Clint put up hay in August,
wheat harvest wrapped up, and we made a few trips to Joseph.

In September, we made it through the
101st Pendleton Round Up, and Clint volunteered in the Happy Canyon Quad Drille event.

carved pumpkins in October, and spent time with my dad.

I celebrated my first annual 29th birthday in November, we made it to an
OSU football game, and worked cows.

December brought what it always brings....the
UCCA ball and breeding cows.


So what will 2012 bring?


We received the words below in a Christmas card from good friends, and I just thought they summed up what is {worthwhile} in striving for in the new year.


We rather think that God is pleased when we
have lived well, laughed often, and loved much.

When we have gained the respect of intelligent men and women,
and the love of children.

When we never lack appreciation for the
Earth's beauty or fail to express it.

When we follow our dreams and
pursue excellence in each task.

When we bring out the best in others and
give only the best of ourselves.

Let's resolve now to seek His help to make
2012 our most wonderful yet.


Happy New Year!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Modeling the Double M.

Last Friday, the ranch Clint works for had a Christmas party for everyone who works on the ranch and in the feedlot.

It was a fun, fun, evening filled with great food, lots of visiting, card playing and gifts.

One thing everyone walked away with that evening was a new Double M hat.

Oh, you want to see what they look like?

Here - Clint & Lindsay will model them for you.....

Christmas Wrap Up

Like all good things, our Christmas was wrapped up with love, family, fun and good times.

My dad came over Friday and spent the weekend with us.

As is normal in our world, the cows still had to be or no holiday.

After the cows were fed, and Lindsay had arrived, we got down to business....

and took a nap!

And it was a great nap, let me tell you.

But after the nap, we really got down to business and started opening presents.

Saturday afternoon my mom and brother came over, and we repeated the present opening again.

Mom was sent on a scanvenger hunt for her present...

Which led us to finding some more 'hidden' presents in Lindsay's trunk...

After presents, we went and saw the movie 'War Horse' (excellent!) and wrapped up the weekend with another Christmas dinner.

PS - We had steak. Of course. :)


I hope all of your Christmas memories were wrapped in love!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas came early.

For the dogs here at the ranch, Christmas came a few days early.

Normally when there's work to be done at the chutes,
the dogs stay in a pickup so the cows don't get agitated.

But last week, the dogs got to stay out and play -
and for the most part, they stayed out of the way.

And then....Christmas came early.

Or rather, lunch was served, and since we were eating outside by the chutes, the dogs had a feast too.

Because how can you resist puppy dog eyes who just want a little piece of your bread?

Or a puppy who just wants to be held?

(Yes, Sarge is really a puppy....just a very LARGE puppy!)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas friends!

I hope your holiday is overflowing with family, friends, comfort, happiness and wellbeing.

Friday, December 23, 2011

A visit from Doc.

We got an early Christmas present yesterday;
a visit with Doc, and a great day of transferring embroys.

We're blessed!

Clint's worked with Doc (Dr. Greg Garcia - Precision Embryonics) since 2003, when they started putting embryos in cows at the OSU ranch in Corvallis, and now we still get to work with him when he comes to put embryos in cows at Double M.

He's a great friend, and we deeply respect him and his expansive knowledge base.

It's not uncommon for him and Clint to be going over heifer protocals or breeding questions at 9 or 10 pm at night.

So we were excited to get a chance to catch up with him when he and Victor (his technician) were at the ranch yesterday putting in embryos.

After the embryos were placed in the first group of cows, the calves were returned to their momma's, and we'd all had a chance to eat a wonderful lunch (thanks again Patsy!) we started all over again with the second round of cows.

Except, my camera's battery died and we were using all of the electrical outlets to plug heaters into, so there aren't any pictures of the afternoon.

I don't think too many of the guys were dissapointed with that news! ;)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hello single digits.

It was cold here today,

but we had a great day of

putting embryos into recipient cows.

I'll post more pictures tomorrow, but tonight is the first night we haven't had to heat detect or breed cows in awhile.

So we're headed to bed.



And that is a GREAT way to end what was a great day.