Christmas Wrap Up

Like all good things, our Christmas was wrapped up with love, family, fun and good times.

My dad came over Friday and spent the weekend with us.

As is normal in our world, the cows still had to be or no holiday.

After the cows were fed, and Lindsay had arrived, we got down to business....

and took a nap!

And it was a great nap, let me tell you.

But after the nap, we really got down to business and started opening presents.

Saturday afternoon my mom and brother came over, and we repeated the present opening again.

Mom was sent on a scanvenger hunt for her present...

Which led us to finding some more 'hidden' presents in Lindsay's trunk...

After presents, we went and saw the movie 'War Horse' (excellent!) and wrapped up the weekend with another Christmas dinner.

PS - We had steak. Of course. :)


I hope all of your Christmas memories were wrapped in love!


  1. Happy new year to all of you! Hope to catch up soon!


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