Having a Ball.

People in agriculture like things they can count on.

Because there's a lot they can't.

I mean - how often does a day in the life of a farmer or rancher go exactly as planned?

Not too many.

Water troughs freeze.
Calves are born backwards.
Cows break down fences.
Vets are called at midnight.
Market prices fluctuate.

These are unpredictable, but very {normal} things for those of us who live this life.

So when a fun event comes along that we can all count on going well

- like the Umatilla Cattlemen's Ball -

there's usually a pretty good turnout.

And where there's a gathering of great people, over a great meal, and with great entertainment....

Well, that's a ball!

2011 Umatilla Cattlemen's Ball - Pendleton, Oregon


  1. Looks like a good time with some very nice Oregon people.

  2. :) It looks like Ian and Clint are sharing a chair :)

    GREAT pictures ... All of them ... but I needed to take one of you :(

  3. just got to sit down and look at your posts! Great pictures...especially that 1 of Royce...too cute!


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