The post that will be a random list.

1. It's Monday - and things are well. But when I finally woke up this morning after pressing the snooze button five times, all I could think about was {maybe} calling in sick and then going back to bed.

I didn't. But I'm looking forward to sleeping tonight!

2. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here.

We've had freezing fog for the past week, so while it hasn't {snowed}, it has been a white wonderland.

3. We had a very full weekend. Breeding cows, heat detecting, the UCCA dinner, baking holiday treats with L1 and L2, more breeding, giving shots, and normal housework. But we're thankful for the life we get to lead. It's a good one!

4. Lime green house paint makes for very inexpensive tail chalk. And it goes on fast. Thanks Jess for helping a friend out!

5. Freezing tempeartures bring freezing pipes. And that can be frustrating when you're supposed to have frost free spouts. Oh well - we were thankful there were pastures with ditches nearby to turn the cows out to.

6. Horses picture well in the fog. At least, I think so.

7. Bunco is tonight. And I'm looking forward to a very fun evening with 12 very fun women!


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