A visit from Doc.

We got an early Christmas present yesterday;
a visit with Doc, and a great day of transferring embroys.

We're blessed!

Clint's worked with Doc (Dr. Greg Garcia - Precision Embryonics) since 2003, when they started putting embryos in cows at the OSU ranch in Corvallis, and now we still get to work with him when he comes to put embryos in cows at Double M.

He's a great friend, and we deeply respect him and his expansive knowledge base.

It's not uncommon for him and Clint to be going over heifer protocals or breeding questions at 9 or 10 pm at night.

So we were excited to get a chance to catch up with him when he and Victor (his technician) were at the ranch yesterday putting in embryos.

After the embryos were placed in the first group of cows, the calves were returned to their momma's, and we'd all had a chance to eat a wonderful lunch (thanks again Patsy!) we started all over again with the second round of cows.

Except, my camera's battery died and we were using all of the electrical outlets to plug heaters into, so there aren't any pictures of the afternoon.

I don't think too many of the guys were dissapointed with that news! ;)


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