Breeding at 7-UP

Some people get excited over a new car, a new boat, or a new snowmobile.

Us....we get excited over new cattle equipment. :D

This summer, Clint & RJ bought a new breeding box and have been using it for breeding projects this winter.

It's been a great investment. It's handy, quiet and efficient.

Cattle walk right in, stand, and when the job is done, they walk right on out.

Rarely is there any banging, thrashing or kicking from the cows.

Low Stress = High Conception

It's design fits three people and all of the {stuff} you need to breed cows.

And it keeps the wind out.

That's pretty important when you live in Eastern Oregon! :D

This week, we've spent the past two mornings in the box at Terry & Debby Anderson's 7-UP Ranch helping them time breed their cows.

Kevin Hughes helped RJ and Clint breed, since there were so many to do, and Jesse and I pulled the semen. Terry & Debby had also put together a great crew that brought the cattle to us.

And really, whether you're breeding cows, or completing some other task....

When you're surrounded by great people,
working efficiently towards a common goal,
what more can you ask for?

Success is Reason Enough.


  1. great people, commmon goal ... well put friend, well put!

    Great pictures too ~


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