I had told Lindsay last weekend on the phone that I needed to pray for patience.

Clint started calving heifers last week, and while it happens every year, I had somehow forgotten how hard the start of a calving season can be.

Normal every day duties like going to work, making meals, doing laundry and cleaning house still have to get done. I also have a husband who's busting his tail to make sure that his normal work (feeding, doctoring calves, etc.) gets done along with the added responsibility of calving.

And right now - he's calving heifers.

If you haven't been around cattle much, I'll tell you this:

Heifers calving for the first time can be a little unpredictable.

They usually need a bit (or a lot) of extra care.

Vets sometimes have to be called.

Calves often have to be pulled, or grafted and cared for.

And our sleep patterns - well they become more like a newborn parents.

There are no 8 to 5 hours when it comes to ranching.

(Which makes me very thankful that I get to go to my job and have a schedule.)

But I'll just tell you this -

It's all worth it.

And I'll tell you another thing - this man is worth it. He loves his job, and cares deeply about doing it well.

And I'll help him however I can - even if it's just riding along with him to open gates during his midnight checks.


So while I may not have a {word} for 2012;

I do have one for January.


Patience to know that I might not get everything done.

But the important things will get done.

And the rest....well, hopefully I'll have tomorrow for those.

Here's to patience.

Who knows - it might just be my word for February......March too.

But the cows should be done calving by April, so I'll have a new word by then.

Which is good....patience has never been my thing.

Here goes nothing.


  1. Thanks for the reminder! I do love my job, and my schedule. And am thankful I'm not a rancher. Kuddos to Clint!

  2. Thankful I get to "share" this type of life with you ... and that you always help me to see the bigger picture!

    Patience ... We all need it :)

  3. So smiling at this post...and the life that owning cows brings! Most of all cheering you on as a great wife that rides along to open the gates! Sweet blessings!


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