Preparing for the Winter Olympics.

Ice skating anyone?

We had freezing rain move in Wednesday night and since then, it's left a few inches of ice build up in it's wake.

So much ice, that even areas that aren't flat - like the pastures - are like skating rinks too.

Just with hills.

Too bad the cows and calves here don't know how to lace up skates. ;)

With heifers calving, this weather has been a bit tough on them. Thankfully there's a nice calving barn that we've been able to get new babies into - the calf cart works great on the just slides along behind the Rhino - and we've been able to get them warmed up before they head out to practice for the Winter Olympics!

Stay safe and warm friends!

And on two feet. Don't be like me and fall on the ice.

I now just take to crawling when I have to go a long distance....that or scooting on my rear.

But you won't find me posting any pictures of that!


  1. Wow that looks super icky. You guys can keep it!

  2. thanks for posting this so my mom got the "picture" :)


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