38 and counting.

I remember the first birthday I helped you celebrate.

We spent the afternoon checking cows, you driving my old white pickup, and me with gift wrapped nervously waiting to see if you would like it.

I remember that you liked it, but I remember more the way you made me feel after opening it.

You've always been good at that - making others feel valued and for me, loved.

Even for the small things.

We've exchanged different gifts over the years, but none is better then the daily gift of love you give me.

I haven't I asked you yet how your day went

- you're still out checking cows that are expecting calves -

but I think on this first day of your 38th year,
you've probably spent it doing what you love.

Happy birthday to my favorite man,
a loyal friend,
and the best husband I could ever ask for.

~Love, Me.


  1. Happy Birthday Golden Child!!!!

    Sending love and lots of happy birthday wished from Nebraska!

  2. Happy Birthday to Clint ..... I know you'll make it a very special day for your very special man!

    1. oops .... missed it by a day, I see BUT nevertheless ..... tell him "Happy Belated Birthday" from us, please!

  3. HE IS LOVED!! especially by M&M ... and their parents too ~


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