Fog & Friendship.

Sometimes, it just takes two.

Most of the ranchers we work with (my husband included), pride themselves on being able to handle not only the 'everday'tasks themselves, but even the ones that you'd think would take two. feeding off the driving feed truck stuck in low gear and crawling sporadically across the field, while they fling hay off of its flatbed...they can still do by themselves. And they do it proudly, with a sense of accomplishment.

But when a calf is coming backwards, and the cow is amongst acres and acres and more acres on top of the rim, it helps to have a second pair of hands who can help swing a rope.

Gosh it was foggy last weekend.

But what was crystal clear, are the good people we're surrounded by. We know that if we ever got in the same situation, any of our friends would be there for us too.

And that's something to be thankful for.


  1. I'm not sure why I'm crying ... but I am. Thank you for this ... thank you! In the midst of the fog, you were there!


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