Oh baby calf.

Oh baby calf -

I'm sorry you had to be born into this world when it was cold and covered in frost. I was cold when I stepped outside of the warm feed truck to open the gates....and that's when I first spotted you. There I was thinking how chilly it was, and I wasn't sopping wet like you were. But I didn't worry, because I saw your mama lovingly licking you off and coaxing you to stand and nurse your first meal.

Know that us, and your mama are here to see you live and thrive. While she's busy taking care of you, we're making sure she gets taken care of too.

We're almost like room service if you think about it. You check in to a pasture, and we deliver twice daily feedings of hay, bring you new straw to bed down in if needed, and make sure that there's plenty of water in your troughs.

We'll see that you get lots of space to run and play.....and we know you're doing well when we see you playing with your friends, your tail straight in the air as you run bucking down the hills.

And if you get sick, we'll give you medicine to make you feel better. That's what that shot was today...a little boost for your immune system to get you started on the right track. Oh, and that eartag....well, doesn't everyone like to be accessorized? While you may have bawled a little bit, know we do those things to help you.

So baby calf, while it might have been a bit of a shock that morning when you broke through into this world, know we're here for you and that we want to see you succeed.

And that we'll be back again tomorrow, with more hay.

Your mother will be pleased to hear that.


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