Run on.

I keep telling myself,

"Marathon shoes, not sprinting shoes."

I say it so often to myself, I feel like I'm a run on record.

It's been a race these past few weeks, and I think more against myself.

With the stacks at work, and the piles at home, and the calves, and the meals and the work....

It can all just add up.

Can't it for all of us? I'm not unique. I don't have more work than the next person.

We all have our days, our trials, and those moments when we

And then we all have blessings.

Blessings that pepper the pavement, add to our days, and make it easier to push through the next mile.

And when we just don't think we can go any further.....

we look up,

and we find that we've already arrived.


A night of dice with the girls, and the needed laughter it brings.

Working with kids who just want to be successful and hear your praises.

A husband who makes sure I start my day with his arms wrapped around me, and that I end it the same way.

Co-workers who work their tails off. And who don't make me feel bad when I can't get to their stacks for a day or two.

The farmers who understand, who keep coming in, and who tell us 'thank you'.

It's amazing how far a thank you can go.

A sister who runs errands for me, and keeps my husband stocked with the supplies that make his days a bit easier this time of year..

A new window in the kitchen - and how I can see so clearly the dedicated people and important work that goes on outside of four walls.

Heifers and cows who have allowed us to sleep through the night, and have went on with having their babies without us.

Sleep. Precious sleep. I'll be the first one to say that more sleep = less stress.

A niece who has good people caring for her, and parents who know when to make the call.
We love you 'Cobers....feel better soon!

And can I just tell you how pleasant the weather has been?

It's amazing what a sunset can do for the soul.

So - tomorrow, well tomorrow is a new day.

With more time, more opportunities, and maybe - just maybe - another sunset.

I plan on lacing up my marathon shoes, and running on.

Join me?


  1. We are blessed to have the great care for Cobers here in this small town community.

    Thanks for the great candy bouquet. It was a big hit!!!


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