March Madness.

I bet I took 500 pictures this weekend. Of the Umatilla County 4-H Horse Judging Contest, new baby calves and the pretty awesome sunset we had Saturday. I was planning on showing you a few of those, but as I walked out the door on my way to a meeting before work, I promptly left my hard drive sitting at home on the counter.

I don't normally drink coffee, but this morning was a {3 shots} kind of a morning. So after placing my order at Obie's, I came to the window to play and realized that I had no cash in my wallet to pay for my order. After a quick trip to the ATM across the street to pay for my waiting drink, I knew that today was definitely going to be a Monday. Thank goodness for the skinny iced mocha they handed me that carried me through my morning. I needed it.


Thanks to Alicia, this calf now has a name! Meet Jenny. Thanks for all of the suggestions, it was sure fun to read through them!

Jenny is doing well. She and her momma got kicked out with the pairs last week. And we all know that you're on the {cattle honor roll} when you get "kicked out". I had loaded these pictures last week into a post I never published, so here you go.

PS - We had 3 more Charolais calves born last week. If I hadn't have been a space cadet, and walked out the door without my hard drive this morning, I'd show you a picture or two.


Thank you's matter. They really, really do. So does telling someone they've done a good job.

Maybe you can find a way to thank or encourage someone today?


The Oregon FFA State Convention is coming to Hermiston. And big things are planned. Were you an FFA member? Are you involved with your local FFA chapter as a supporter, alumni or sponsor? This is such a great organization that is making a difference in America's youth.


It's March. And while I don't watch a lot of basketball, I have a feeling that my own {March Madness} will be here before I know it.

But if you're not living....what are you doing?


Happy Monday - Here's to living, and experiencing, and thanking.

And if you have a caffeinated drink in your hand while doing all of the above - more power to you.


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