National Ag Day

Somewhere in America this morning;

There is a corn farmer pricing seed and fertilizer.

There is a rancher who woke up twice last night to check calving cows, and was back up at 6 am to feed them.

There is a farmer who packed a lunch and headed to the fields for the day.

There is a hog farmer who is checking on farrowing sows.

There is a wheat farmer who checked the future's market, and penciled risk for the 2012 crop.

Many don't know that today is all about them.

That today is a day to celebrate agriculture,
and the many people who make it possible for America to have a
safe, abundant and affordable food supply.

It's a day to thank them.

They do a job that not many are willing to do, and make sacrifices that many are not willing to make.

So go out and thank a farmer or rancher today.
And if not today, then tomorrow.
Or the next day!

Because for farmers and ranchers across America,

Every day is Ag Day.


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