Take a Guess...

Do you know what's happening behind me?

Any wild guesses?

Come on - you know you want to. :)


Most of you who are familiar with branding, know that the cows are sorted away from their calves at the start of the day. This makes it much easier to bring groups of calves to the branding table or branding fire, and results in fewer people getting run over.

Cows can sometimes become a little aggitated when their sweet little babies are being handled by humans, and they're not right by their side.

And cow snot isn't exactly my favorite way to get a facial.

Also, hoof prints usually leave a mark. And it's not usually a {beauty} mark.


So if you guessed:

"Cows getting turned back to their calves"

You're right!

After the calves are all worked and branded, they're usually corralled in a large area, and then their mama's get turned out to meet them.

This results in a bit of a stampede - the cows rushing to find their calves, and the calves getting so excited that they usually just run around with their tails in the air.

Oh - and there's a lot of bawling too.

But then everyone gets paired up, turned out and they continue on with their day.

And in this case, the calves got turned out with a few accessories - a new brand and vaccinations to keep them healthy.


  1. Always love to see them get back to their mamas! To the bag they go! :-)

  2. Great shots of the babies running back to the Mamas....that's always the BEST part of the day..when it's over, the bawling has stopped and everyone is content & happy again!!! Sweet blessings!


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