Battered...but not beaten.

Mother Nature reared her head last night, and showed us what she was really made of.

Thunder, lightning, torrential rain and heavy winds hit Eastern Oregon by force last night.

I woke up this morning, fully expecting to see my flower beds in shambles.

What I wasn't expecting was this:

The day got even better when I got to work and found that we had no internet, servers, printing capability or connectivity.

I work for the government, and while we push a lot of paper to deliver farm programs, we need computers to generate it.  The storm the night before had wiped out a T3 line two counties west of us, leaving a six county span of offices dead in the water.

But here's the thing:

The {things} above - they're just minor.

I might have felt battered at the end of today....but I wasn't beaten.

I didn't have a child in the hospital, or an insurance adjustor in my yard because a tree had fallen into my house.

I still have a job to go to tomorrow, and don't have to worry about where my next paycheck was coming from.

 We all have blessings to count, good lives to lead, and work to do.

We may feel battered - but with faith, we can't be broken. 

April 17 - 23, 2012
#45 - 65

Wearing green, and a reminder of the great people in agriculture industry.

A spring sweater on the clearance rack.

A slow cooker that makes dinnertime easy.

An efficient COC meeting.

A short work week.  Was I ever ready for 3:30 on Thursday.

A photo in the Top 10.

Brand New by Darcy Sexson.jpg

A Friday to do what I wanted.

A nice (and safe) day of riding Jug.

Watching the looks of drivers as we moved cattle horseback under I-84.

Cattle that moved smoothly, calves that crossed the pond and horses that knew their role.

Great help from Annie.

A smile caught on camera from Duane.  Shh...don't tell him. :)

A day spent with Lindsay.

A Costco run.

Lunch with friends.

Green grass, and turned out cattle.

A Sunday to rest.  And rest we did.

Breakfast with Terry & Anna.

Blooming tulips, transplanted raspberries and a growing garden.

A Charolais bull delivered.

A long afternoon nap.  It was soooo needed.

A new week and fresh energy.


  1. Tulips are up here and are making things so bright.

  2. your life is blessed ... and you KNOW it ... that's the best part about it! Thanks for the glimpses into your world - it's full of goodness! love you ~

    and amen to being battered, but not beaten!! GREAT post!


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