Breeding heifers and pulling semen.

I guess I just think it's normal.

To talk about breeding cows and pulling semen like someone would talk about taking their boat out to the lake, or their kids to the mall.

I got a few funny looks at Bunco when we were all talking about our weekend plans, and I said I was helping Clint breed cows.

When one of the girls cocked her head, and wrinkled her brow as she looked at me with a puzzled face, I just said "Well, actually I just pull the semen."

The look just got more contorted.

My weekend plans make look a little different than some of the other girls I hang out with, but my life is normal too.

Clint and I don't own a boat, we don't go to the mall, and the last time we went to the movies was at Christmas.  But we do get to help ranchers obtain their reproductive goals and strategies, which results in more economical beef on your dinner table.

Yes, we help synchronize a lot of heifers.

Yes, Clint and RJ breed a lot of cattle.

And yes, I pull a lot of semen.

So while I may get a few funny looks at Bunco, or when I'm in the Mexican restaurant talking about breeding heifers on projects over chips and salsa, I'm not going to stop.

Because I had a shredded beef taco salad for lunch that day - and I knew that the beef on my plate didn't just "come from the grocery store".  It's important for those outside of the agricultural industry to understand that our food doesn't just come from the's raised and grown on farms and ranches across America.

And to get that food to the supermarket; it takes a lot of work.
Work and dedication and risk and triumph and blood and sweat and tears.

And sometimes - a few beers.

Hey - I'm just being honest.

April has been a busy month for us.....breeding cows and pulling semen.

And this is just our hobby - we all have normal {day jobs} too.

But while we might be busy, I don't think we'd have it any other way.



 All pictures taken at Cable Creek Ranch during their April 2012 breeding projects.


  1. LOVE these - all of them ... what would life be like without expression?!

  2. I Love this's real..and you are right...the world needs to understand ALL the hard work that brings them the food they eat :) Wishing you a GREAT weekend! Sweet blessings!


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