Calves, kids and blessings!

April 10 - 16, 2012

27. Laying out doing {Superman} stretches in bed for a few minutes before the morning chaos hits.

28. Taco soup warmed up in the microwave for lunch.

29. An unexpected thank you note.

30. Smiles on farmer's faces.

31. Daffodils in my windowsill.

32. The views of Eastern Umatilla County during a quick trip at lunch to Helix.

33. A dinner to celebrate birthdays, the end of calving, the end of breeding heifers and the great people at Double M.

34. Families spending time together.

35. Cute little {cowboys} in cowboy hats and chinks.

36. Working cows and calves with great friends at the Francis Ranch.

37. Too many good meals.

38. A new baby calf!

39. Lots of heifers bred. A long weekend for Clint & RJ.

40. Waking up Monday on time.

41. Shrubs left on my front door to be re-planted.

42. Strawberry and raspberry starts from the office.

43. Crisp dry cleaning that I didn't have to iron.

44. Taxes - done. A whole day before the deadline.
That might be a record for us.


  1. I love the dry cleaners too for the ironing.

  2. Looks like life has been filled with many Sweet blessings for you :) Sweet blessings!


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